Laboratory of Intelligent Systems

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Basic Research

Actual problems of developing the artificial intelligence systems form a core of the laboratory research.

Modelling Languages

Multiagent Systems

Data Mining

P2P Systems

Data & Information Fusion

Ubiquitous Computing

Technologies and reuse solutions

Development of software tools and CASE-technologies aimed at creating the distributed intelligent systems, particularly, multi agent systems, is the major objective of the laboratory. Basic research results are used as a theoretic basis in these developments. The developed software tools are tested within the applied research done by the laboratory and subsequently advertised for a use to the interested companies (industrial, research, education, etc).

Applied research

Basic research results and the developed tools are used in different applied research, as results from the laboratory research interests and customers’ demands. The main applied developments cover: transportation logistics, planning and control, distributed systems of decision making and control, business process management, etc.